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Customer Review of Historic Boston

Fantastic Audio Tour! Five stars

by Askow – Apr 5, 2019
I normally don’t write app reviews, but I loved this one so much I wanted to let others know how valuable this app was to our trip! This was our family’s first trip to Boston, we had one day, and none of us relished the thought of a guided tour. I found Boston Tour in the App Store and decided the $1.99 price was worth it. I loved that the stops were in order, the audio guide was engaging, and we were able to move at our own pace. The GPS map made it easy to see where we were in conjunction to the next stop. Many times, we would listen to the information about the next site while we walked to it, so that by the time we stopped, we could decide how much or little we wanted to explore. We passed a couple of tour groups, and for the most part, it looked like a huge mass of people all jockeying for a good position close to the guide, who was fighting to be heard over the city noises. I was more than happy to pay $1.99 for my own “private tour guide”. We have one Apple ID, so we were able to share the app. Even if each of us had needed to purchase our own, it would have been worth every penny.

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