​​10% of all profits are donated to charity!  This year's pick is The Task Force for Global Health, headquartered in Atlanta: 'Our mission, vision, and values are rooted in the belief that all lives have equal value and everyone should have access to the means for good health.'

Walking city tours... for your iPhone. No crowds, no schedules, no worries!

Two Buck Tours

Looking for a fun excursion in a new city, or maybe something different to do in your own town? We specialize in walking city tour apps for your iPhone. ​

Tour on your terms:

  • Go when you want, with whom you want. Stop for dinner? Sure. Skip a site you've seen before? Why not.
  • Each site includes photos, text, audio narration (in English), maps and directions.

To purchase a tour, visit the App Store on your iPhone. Once a tour is downloaded, it is self-contained on your device - no internet connection needed. Not visiting these captivating cities anytime soon? The narrative and photos will give you a taste of the city anywhere, anytime.